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A child's perspective on taxes

While doing research for another post I stumbled across an article written by Forbes contributor, Kelly Erb (TaxGirl). She asked her 11 year old daughter what she thought of taxes and received the following response:

What I think of taxes
by Kate Erb

Taxes are very important to us – why? Taxes pay for schools, roads, the government, et cetera. All of those are important. Schools need money to pay teachers who need to buy stuff like food. They also buy school supplies kids need to get a good education. Roads provide access to places we need to get to, but they need money for the materials and their workers. The government need to pay employees and to run our country.

What I think about taxes is that though we have to pay a lot of money that we need to pay for food and clothing other people also need the money. Like with the budget cut schools don't have enough money. I moved away from a school that was forced to do unpleasant things from lack of money. All the kids were unhappy and a lot of kids didn't want to go to school anymore. They need more money!

Taxes also pay for electricity and water. Without the money they can't produce electricity and water so they tax you. If you don't pay they stop providing electricity. Some people don't understand others need the same things that you need and they get they money through taxes. But the taxers sometimes don't get some people don't have enough money to pay taxes right away. Think. Tax day. Some people can't get the payment in one day, like the people poorer than you. Why not tax week or tax month?

Imagine this: there are no taxes, and you are a teacher. You don't have enough supplies for the students at school and you can't pay for your own children's necessities. Not enough food or water. If there were no taxes, you would be somewhat like that. Now imagine someone is hurt and you can't pay to help them. Maybe it's your child or husband or sibling. Do you want to find yourself in this situation? Absolutely not. We need taxes.

Now do you see why taxes are important? Some people might laugh, but you could actually die. With no money you have no food, and when you have no food you die. We need taxes. Help a person and pay the taxes to get people money. Wouldn't you like to get money? Of course!

Agree or disagree with young Ms. Erb, either way it is a refreshing view, and encouraging to think that at least some of the coming generations are already considering the needs of society as a whole. Who knows, we may hear from Ms. Erb in another 15 to 20 years or so.

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