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Tax Conference 2012

This past week was the 2012 Tax Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.   The BHB Staff got geared up to go to the two day conference covering a range of topics covering IT in tax practices to new rules and updates in the tax code. (Always with the option to play a little tax bingo in between.)  We will be sharing some of the more pertinent topics with you in the coming posts.  What I would venture to say was a huge take away of this year's conference was how important our profession is to our clients.  Sitting in the individual and business tax updates highlighted to us at BHB how many nuances really exist in the tax code and reporting requirements.  There are a myriad of rules, exemptions, phase outs, and thresholds that are subject to change by year and election.  It would seem as though any one individual taxpayer, with a small business or not, would find it almost impossible to fulfill all the rules and requirements of reporting.  Even with those handy do-it-yourself tax software programs there could be things that are easily missed and what person doesn’t guess on a few of those questions they ask you?  The conference made me grateful for our profession because we are the ones who are trusted with the task of learning the rules and requirements and helping our clients stay in compliance.  One of the best parts of the job is to watch the wave of relief come over a client’s face when they realize that they are not alone and that they have someone they trust who can help them. Whether it’s the client who comes in with boxes of documents in disarray or the ones who quickly and succinctly sends well organized documents over the portal we are there to make tax reporting easier.  So as we gear up for another great tax season, rest assured that BHB Advisors is getting ready to help you with your tax questions and compliance.  Happy Holidays!


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