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How an iPad can be good for business


Initially upon getting an iPad I wondered why so many professionals deemed them essential for business purposes.  In my limited knowledge of an iPad, all I knew was that Fruit Ninja would be 10 times bigger.  But after doing some research and exploring its capabilities I have learned that an iPad can be an excellent tool for business owners and professionals. Here are a few tips: 

 Do not treat an iPad as a PC.  An iPad can do a lot of amazing things, but it was not designed to replace a computer, and was not meant for high levels of data entry. Use your iPad as an extension of your computer to give you access to all the information you might need from potentially any place you go. This gives you the ability to make presentations, do research, and stay completely connected with a low amount of hassle. Note: iPads are much lighter and more travel friendly than laptops. 

Get Apps! Apps (applications) are the life blood of the iPad and with well over 100,000 to choose from you can find pretty much anything you need.  Some apps come standard with the iPad but most others you download for a nominal onetime fee, or for free.  The caveat is that while you may have a lot to choose from. Take the time to read the reviews, you want to make sure your information is secure and that the app really does what it says it can.  

  1. Standard Some of the apps that come standard included Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, iBooks, Face Time (only with newer editions), and Reminders.  Most of these apps can connect with Microsoft Outlook to keep you connected. 
  2. Downloadable Other apps that might be helpful are: Quickoffice Pro- gives you the ability to create and use Office documents between your computer and the iPad.  Apple apps of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers can import Microsoft files for your use. Most major banks have created apps so you can do your banking. Major news and publication companies have created apps so you can store and read all your news in one place. For example, the New York Times has a free app. Lastly, in case you need to be able to access your computer from anywhere, services like GoToMyPC have created apps so that if you have an account with them you can access your whole stationary computer or laptop using your iPad. Note: apps like GoToMyPC are meant to be a helpful tool and will not be a good replacement for your actual computer or laptop. 

Have fun with it. iPads are pretty cool little tools, so have fun searching for apps that will help you be a more efficient business owner or professional. And when you are done working… Fruit Ninja really is 10 times bigger!… and so is Angry Birds… 

You can most certainly be an excellent business owner and professional without an iPad. It is a nice tool that can make you more efficient and give you peace of mind while you are away from the office.  Do your research and have fun! This is your life, enjoy it! 


 Note: BHB Advisors is not affiliated with nor endorse any app or Apple product mentioned above.



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