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A Sign of Love

Right after my Mom died, I got Tenzin.  He was probably the perfect solution to dealing with grief, as it was tax season, I didn’t have a fenced in yard and, well, he had energy.  And whoever said that you can’t buy happiness has not bought a puppy.  At the same time, a friend who had also lost a parent gave me a book that helped her through the process.  For the life of me, I cannot remember the title but it was a collection of stories complied by a doctor of which she had heard during her career regarding people contacting their loved ones from beyond.  I never had put much thought to it, but since I was wondering how Mom was doing, I read the book.  It was fascinating and it really started me thinking.  It especially came to me one morning – a very cold, but beautifully sunny February morning as I was standing outside in my pajamas as Tenzin was rolling around, running and doing everything else but what he was suppose to.  I was just standing there and all of a sudden heard a bird and thought, is that Mom?  Does she realize that I need a little boost and is coming back to give me encouragement?  I start to feel a warm glow throughout my body, thinking of the positive energy she must be sending me and start looking around for the bird.  I saw a beautiful cardinal, but it wasn’t singing so that wasn’t Mom.  Then, I turn and look down the street.  There was a big, black crow, eating some road kill, squawking up a storm.  (Apparently I should have paid more attention in 7th grade life science when we were learning bird calls).  My Mom would have loved that.  She had this wonderful sense of whimsy and would have just delighted in the look on my face.  And, the best part was that she was a great shot and couldn’t stand black crows.  My Dad had gotten her a pellet gun for Mother’s Day one year and she relished in the hunt, usually from her bedroom window in her negligee.  Was it Mom or not?  It really didn’t matter as it was the spirit of her that came back to me and was just what I needed at just the right time.

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