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How Will Minnesota’s Shutdown Affect My Business?

As of July 1st, Minnesota has enacted a state government shutdown until a budget can be approved by the Governor and MN State Legislature.   Not all government agencies have closed their doors, and some are open for limited transactions, so some business may continue as usual. 

  • The Secretary of State’s office will be fully open for service during the shutdown.
  • Minnesota courts will remain open.
  • Companies that own vehicles will still be able to renew their registration tabs, but will not be able to register commercial vehicles.
  •  The Minnesota Department of Revenue is closed; no requests for tax refunds will be processed or issued. However, all tax laws and deadlines are still in effect.  If taxes are owed through estimated payments or otherwise, payments will still need to be paid as the department will still be making deposits.

These agencies will have a general effect on business.  More effect will be seen for companies relying on government contracts, or in the areas of fishing, camping, and recreation.  Without a foreseeable resolution in sight, business owners should make plans on how to work around the closed agencies and survive until the shutdown is over.

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