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I Love Dogs!

There is something about a creature that even though I could have just sat next to, if I leave the house to get the mail and come right back in, I am greeted as if I am covered in bacon. We have two Tibetan Terriers. I got the first as my engagement ring – I wasn’t big on diamonds and it was during a time when both my mom and my first used dog were dying. I learned of this breed while on a walk with Matt. I met a Tibetan named Louie and fell in love, right on the spot. I then mentioned to Matt that if we ever were getting married, I would rather have this breed than a diamond (read between the lines….it is termed a “rare breed”). And, to set expectations, I said that I would love a female, sable and white coloring and I would like to name her. Matt bought me Tenzin during tax season, while I lived in a house without a fenced in yard. He was male, black and white, and Matt named him. I could have been frustrated or angry that things didn’t go as I had planned, but then I thought, what could be better than to share my dream with someone else and it became theirs as well? I love this dog, he is so naughty and clever, that if he had a thumb, he could make himself a sandwich. I have never looked back or regretted not getting what I wanted, though there was the time he helped himself to a filet mignon right before the dinner…and that is not an isolated incident…

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