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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks: Mileage

Keeping track of business miles in QuickBooks is easy and can be billed to your customers.  Here is how you can track mileage in QuickBooks:

First, you will need to setup the vehicle(s) and the mileage rate. 

  • Under the Company menu select “Enter Vehicle Mileage”
  • Click on the Vehicle List button.  Using the drop down arrow on the Vehicle button select “New”.   Enter the name and description of the vehicle.
  • Click on the Mileage Rates button.  Change the effective date and rate which is 50 cents per mile for business in 2010.  Click Close. 

Now you can begin to record your mileage.

  • Select the Vehicle from the drop down list
  • Enter the dates of the trip
  • Enter the odometer starting and ending or the total miles driven
  • Identify the Customer:Job, Item, and class if applicable
  • Check the Billable box if you are going to invoice the customer.  Note: to bill a customer you will need to set up an item for mileage.
  • In the notes section detail the purpose of the trip.

To bill the customer for mileage select the “Add Time/Costs…” button at the bottom of an invoice.  On the mileage tab select the mileage you want to bill for.  The default option transfers the activity notes to the invoice.  You can change this using the Options button to either the item description or both notes and description.

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