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2010 Tax Season

Dear Clients, Associates and Friends:

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2010 Tax Season!  We hope this finds you well, rested and ready to embrace all that 2011 has in store for you!

For recent tax law changes, the end of 2010 was very busy and many items were passed within the last few weeks of 2010.  If you are not signed up for our email newsletter, please do so at the website so we can keep you posted on tax law changes and important dates. 

The Tax Organizers have been prepared and are ready for delivery.  As we are migrating to a paperless workplace, we are using our web portal as the primary means of delivery.  For those of you who established a portal, you will receive an email notification once the documents are there.  If you do not have a portal, please contact Carrie, our office administrator at carrie@bhbadvisors.com and she will assist in the process.  As an alternative, if you would prefer to receive a paper copy in the mail, we will provide that as well.

Click on the following links to access our firms Engagement letter and Tax Organizer:

2010 Engagement Letter & Questions

2010 Tax Organizer

If you plan on having our firm prepare your 2010 income tax returns please review and complete all three documents to ensure that we are capturing and reporting all income and deductions that you are able to take.  We also ask that you provide all source documents to make sure we are reporting correctly as shown on the various form.

Once completed, there are three options for delivery to us:

  1. Upload to your web portal and transmit back to us
  2. Mail
  3. Schedule an appointment and bring the Organizer and all supporting documentation with you

 And, mostly, thank you so much for being our client.  We are grateful every day for the opportunity to work with so many diverse, exciting and nice people.  And never forget that we are here to help.


 All of us at BHB Advisors, LLC

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