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Data Breach at IRS

A new data breach was revealed last month.

Hackers used taxpayer's personal information obtained from sources outside the IRS to acquire past tax return data through the IRS "Get Transcripts" online service.  These breaches occurred between February and May of this year.  They attempted to obtain the data of approximately 200,000 taxpayers, and succeeded on more than 104,000.  It is alleged that the hackers obtained the information to file more believable false tax returns to obtain refunds.  The IRS is mailing out notices to the 200,000 taxpayers alerting them that criminals attempted to access their prior tax returns; the IRS will only send this information through the mail.  For the 104,000 taxpayers who had their data retrieved, the IRS will provide credit monitoring services.  All 200,000 will be marked in the IRS system to protect them against a subsequent false return being filed later this summer or early next filing season.

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