Deductible Miles

In 2015 the mileage rate for business miles is 57.5 cents per mile.

Taking a mileage deduction is a great opportunity to offset business income. However it is important to keep good records of your miles for substantiation.  It's also important to know which miles are deductible and which are not.

This is a basic chart for employees and business owners whose main office is not the person's home:

deductible miles

As shown, commuting from home to work is never deductible, but travel from your main office or home to a temporary work location is deductible.  Make sure you substantiate your deductible miles by keeping a log of the miles traveled using either the total miles or the beginning and ending odometer readings before and after making the trip.  You should also state the date, location, and reason you made the trip on your log.  Without a substantiating log, your mileage deduction may be disallowed by the IRS upon audit.  Click for an example mileage log.

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