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Health Care Directives

It can be hard to imagine on a beautiful day, when you feel great that anything bad could happen to you.  But the truth is accidents happen all the time. People, previously in the prime of their life, can be found in ICU’s around the world.  When tragedy strikes every family is going to have a different response.  Many people still remember the story of Terri Schiavo, who unexpectedly had a medical condition that left her in a vegetative state on life support.  Terri’s husband spent almost 15 years in a court battle against her parents about whether or not she should be taken off of life support.

That entire battle could have been prevented with a Health Care Directive.

A Health Care Directive is a form that states the person’s health care wishes at end-of-life and in the case of incapacity.  A Health Care Directive may also include a person’s health care power of attorney appointing a health care agent to act on their behalf.  A health care agent is required to follow the directions requested in directive.

Minnesota does not require that their suggested form be used.  They will accept many other kinds of forms including those provided by hospitals, religious organizations, or other national organizations.  Once your Health Care Directive is created it should be distributed to your doctor, health care agent, and anyone who may need to reference it.

This form is an essential part of any estate plan, but should be considered by people of all ages.  Being specific and straight forward will save all involved pain should the worst happen.

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