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A Fresh Face


When was the last time you took a long look about how your company is being perceived by potential and regular clients and customers?  What I am talking about is your company's image.  From conception to the first steps of growth, business owners are constantly making decisions about image. What should the website look like? Are these the right colors for the logo? Is linen stationary preferable and should we emboss our logo?  Those kinds of decisions, while seemingly scrupulous, are important; they help you to tell your story.

After colors have been chosen, and graphics decided on, some business owners never think about those things again.  Generally once a business has lifted off the ground, business owners have no time for issues other than daily operations and core competencies.  It's time to make time; or to spend just a few minutes thinking about it.

A drawback of our culture of instant gratification and fast paced everything is: Boredom.  It is becoming increasingly harder to keep the attention of today's consumers.  The consumers are also used to having options; if you can't find it in your home town, "Google" it.  That being said, you will still find plenty of consumers out there who dislike change and will be loyal to the end, but they are becoming fewer and fewer.

I guess my point here is that it may be time to see if your image is still telling the right story. What was right for you five years ago may not be right for you now.  Graphics, colors, and styles are trend influenced as much as clothing or hairstyles.  If you want to be fresh, innovative, and modern, it may be the right time to revisit your website, logo, graphics, and even some of your business practices. For example, instead of snail mail a lot of companies are moving to e-mail and text notifications.  If you want to be seen as dependable, steadfast, and immovable then maybe you don't make any striking changes to your image, and that's fine too.

Image is about how consumers see you and your story. So make sure what they are seeing is really you.

"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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