The IRS uses Social Media

The IRS has joined the one billion users who take advantage of social media resources.  The following six resources will keep you up to date on changes and announcements as well as keeping you connected to your refund.

YouTube—They have begun posting short informational videos on YouTube on various topics.  You can watch videos or subscribe to their channel by going to the following link:

Widgets—The IRS now uses Widgets.  A widget is an application, or a link that will appear on websites, blogs, or social media networks that will direct the user to the IRS website for more information or to perform an action.

Podcasts—They have begun recording podcasts through iTunes.  Theses podcasts are short recordings with information on one tax-related topic each.  You can subscribe for free through iTunes or on the IRS website at,,id=179391,00.html.

Twitter—The IRS is now on twitter. The IRS posts tweets tax-related announcements, news for professionals, and updates for job seekers.  You can follow them by searching for their username @IRSnews.

Apps—They have a Smartphone application called IRS2GO.  This is a free application that will let you check your refund status, subscribe to tax updates by email, subscribe to their twitter feed, and lists contact information.

Facebook—Lastly the IRS has an official facebook page with tax information for tax professionals and those that are in need of help resolving long standing issues with the IRS. Find them at 

These resources should make it easy to stay on top of changes with the IRS.  The IRS reminds taxpayers that these sites are for informational purposes only and to refrain from posting confidential information as they will not be able to answer personal tax or account questions on these sites.  You should contact your accountant or the IRS directly for personal tax or account question. 

Knowledge is power—Get connected.

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